Top Message and Company Philosophy

 Our company engages in domestic and overseas sales of internal-combustion engines and other products for marine use, and maintenance. We are also currently expanding into the business of maintenance of land-based power generator engines (diesel engines and gas engines). Having inherited the corporate philosophy of our founder, Yoshio Okuda of “mutual trust” and “gratitude and coexistence,” our aim is to improve our customers’ levels of satisfaction with round-the-clock after-sales service.
In addition, we would like to utilize the knowledge and experience that we have fostered over many years to provide products in response to environmental problems and respond to everything that customers demand, and to be a presence that continues to be trusted.
 From now on too, we will aim to differentiate ourselves based on the improvement of our human resources and technology, and our originality and ingenuity, and to be a company that always advances, not only within this industry, but also by expanding our contact and cooperation with companies in different industries.

Shinji Masuda, President

Quality Policy

  • 1. Standing in the customer's point of view, we value communication with our customers.
  • 2. We deliver high quality products to our customers accurately and rapidly.
  • 3. We comply with laws and regulations as a member of society.
  • 4. We instruct ourselves to implent the 5S methodology; “Sorting”, “Setting-in-order”,
    “Shinning”, “Standerdizing” and “Sustaining the Discipline”.

Company Outline

8-6, Kyodomari 2-chome, Nagasaki, 851-2211, Japan
Tel:81-95-814-1236 Fax:81-95-814-1228
Date of Establishment: August 22, 1968
Capital: JPY30,000,000
Representative: Yoshio Okuda, chairman
Shinji Masuda, president
Number of Employees: 30
Banks of Account: The Juhachi-Shinwa Bank, Ltd. / MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Main Business Lines: Import and export of vessels, marine machinery and equipments, industrial products and special parts. Sales and maintenance of marine and land engines.
Registered License:

Licensed construction contractor No.10527
(General-2, approved by the Nagasaki governor)
No.8 qualified service station for the marine internal combustion engines. (Approved by Nagasaki Maritime Office, Kyushu District Transport Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
Worker dispatching undertaking(General 42-300091)
ISO9001 Certification
(Certification Authority : INTERTEK Certification Certificate No:15626)


Certificated : Head Office, Osaka Branch

Scope of Activities :

① Sales of Marine machinery and equipment,Industrial
products and parts for Engines including Superchargers.

② Sales of Engines.

③ Maintenance of Engines.(※only Head Office)

Company History

August, 1968 The initial company was established and the main business lines were to sell products of Daihatsu Diesel Mfg. Co., Ltd. with manipulation training and after-the-sales services. It also had other business lines including acceptance and supervision of package orders for vessel and sales of marine equipments.
April, 1996 The initial company changed the name (currently, Daihatsu Diesel Nishinihon Co.,Ltd.) and Nagasaki Marine Service Co.,Ltd. was established as another company involving in sales and after-the-sales service in Nagasaki area.
May, 2000 The company merged with Kyoei Equipment Service Co.,Ltd. to strengthen the management.
January, 2002 The head office and factories moved to Kyodomari in Nagasaki City and the main business lines were sales of land and marine engines. The company also focused on international sales as a trading company to import and export vessels, marine machinery and equipments, industrial products and special parts.


  • Japan Ship Machinery & Eguipment Association
  • Marine Engine Service Association of Japan
  • Nippon Engine Generator Association
  • Authorized office by Kyushu Marine Equipment Association for marine equipment maintenance
  • Assessment office of second-hand marine engines
    (Registration No.1780, the Assessment Committee for Second-Hand Marine Engines)
  • Contracted factory for fishing vessel insurance